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इन अभिनेत्रियों के साथ लोगो ने किया गन्दा काम, सबके सामने दबा दिए बू’ब्स

Hindi Film Industry popularly known as the Bollywood is the second largest Film Industry in the World. The actors and actresses in Bollywood are extremely popular not only in India but throughout the World. They also have a huge fan following and some of the fans are so fanatical that they would do anything to have a glimpse of their favorite star. The alluring beauty and glamour of the Bollywood actresses have made them rule over the Film audience. The fame and beauty they possess happen to be a uncomfortable to these actresses when they make public appearances.

1. Gul Panag

Gul Panag is an actress, voice actress, and model born to Lt.Gen. Panag and since her father was in the Indian army, she has had the opportunity to live in many places in India. Even as a student, she has been interested in Sports and Public speaking. She participated in the Delhi Marathon in 2010. She disclosed later, that while running the Marathon, few men had purposely run too close to her and started to touch her.

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