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Actresses Who Reveals Directors asked for Physical Favours To Get Good Roles

Popular for being one of the biggest film industries in the world, Bollywood is equally infamous for its casting and related contro. This Famous Actresses who sooyi with Producers to get good roles in their Career. The actresses have often spoken up about their experience with this side of Bollywood but not much has been done to rid this entertainment arena of the secret. Here are some Bollywood actresses who sooyi with producers or directors in order to mark an entry into the world of stars. While some managed to duck, others utilized the opportunity to kick-start their careers. However, the fact is, no actress enjoys it and is forced into it only for the sake of their career.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has always been vocal about the issues that she has faced during her journey in Bollywood. She has never held back and has always pointed out the problems fearlessly.

Talking about the casting cou=-ch in Bollywood she once said that she was asked to give phys-=ical benefits in almost every audition. However, she had trust in her talent and refused all the demand. The actress with the maximum contro in Bollywood as of today, Kangana had admitted having been forced into casting in the initial days of her career.

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