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8 Intimate Bollywood Scenes Where Actors Lost Control

Bollywood has evolved tons in recent years. Gone are the times when Bollywood films are known for dancing and cute romance. Nowadays, intimate scenes became essential parts of any film. Although intimate scenes look effortless and funky to observe on screen, people don’t know the struggle behind shooting such scenes. Shooting an intimate scene is extremely tough, after all, multiple cameras and a number of other casts and crew members are present at the set. the encompassing makes it difficult for actors to shoot these intimate scenes.

Watching the chemistry of romantic couple big screen gives us chills! But one thing that has got to have crossed your mind is how these actors shoot so intimate scenes. Do they enjoy shooting the same? the reality is usually they are doing and sometimes it becomes awkward. We are getting to offer you examples, where actors got so involved in intimate scenes that they stay within the intimate position even after director says CUT! Scroll down and inspect the list of 8 times Bollywood actor couldn’t control their emotions while shooting intimate scenes.

We love watching our actors doing the steamy scenes that otherwise would be a fantasy. Let’s just say, sometimes we place ourselves within the opposite of our favourite actors and check out to imagine ourselves therein situation! Back to reality, these intense fake lovemaking scenes require tons of practice and more importantly, tons of control! Yes, to form the scenes happen they are doing got to make it look real. But there are always slips and loosies that happen on and off!

1. Vinod Khanna with Dimple Kapadia in ‘Prem Dharam’

Vinod Khanna was a legendary actor, who has given several hits in his long film career. But he lost control during an intimate scene with Dimple Kapadia for the film Prem Dharam. The scene required Vinod Khanna to kiss Dimple Kapadia. According to the reports, Vinod Khanna failed to control himself and kept kissing Dimple for a long time even after the cut. Dimple Kapadia was shocked with the event. Mahesh Bhatt had to apologize to the actress after this incident.

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