8 Bollywood Actresses who got married Late in life

Suhasini Mulay (60)


She is one actress who is equally famous within the Indian tele world, Bollywood also as Marathi film fraternity. Though she is usually known for enjoying strong characters, but one thing that got her all the possible attention is, when she got married at the age of 60. She tied the knot to Atul Gurtu, a doctor on January 16, 2011. While Suhasini has never been married before except for Atul, this was his second marriage. He lost his first wife to cancer. Suhasini met her future husband on Facebook.

Yes, people did judge her (including the panditji) but, she chose to stay to her decision of marrying Atul. She fondly recalls this incident from her wedding in an interview with Brunch, once we told the pandit that we were the “to-be-married bride and groom”, he was stunned and stammered, ‘Ji, aap dono? excellent , very good’. We cracked up laughing? We got an identical reaction at the court too. But who cared… We were happy!

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