20 Bollywood Actress Who Look Completely Different Without Makeup

Priyanka Chopra

This former Miss World who has already conquered Bollyland together with her grace and persona has now become a well-known name in Hollywood post her marriage to famous American Singer Nick Jonas. albeit we mostly spot Priyanka in fully donned looks, she doesn’t need any makeup or accessory to hold herself well. Her vibrant personality can give any star a troublesome competition. Her glowing dusky complexion being her trademark has also helped her achieve stardom globally and represent Indian women on a world platform. Her journey has skilled ups and lows but she has always believed firmly in herself and her roots. In makeup-less pictures, Priyanka appears almost like your neighbourhood girl-next-door with a cute smile and flawless skin.


Anushka Sharma

Besides her acting, Anuskha Sharma is understood for her glowing, flawless complexion. She needs little to no makeup to seem fabulous. Her vibrant persona only adds to her beauty.

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