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14 Famous Bollywood Celebs Who Made Surprising Revelations About Their S#x Life

Salman Khan


Salman Khan is with none doubt the foremost eligible bachelor of the Bollywood industry. While he has been in relationships before, his fans want him to urge married as soon as possible, but we all are conscious of the very fact that this isn’t happening anytime soon. Moreover, Salman doesn’t usually mention his personal life openly, but again, Koffee with Karan always manages to bring it all out. He revealed that he’s a v!rgin, although this statement is tough to believe, when looking back to his record of films, he could be speaking the reality .

Vidya Balan


Undoubtedly she made a bold statement to the fans with “Dirty Picture”. But the statement was bolder when she was asked about s#x.

In Vidya’s Words, “We love it , need it and need it, the maximum amount as men do”.

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