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14 Famous Bollywood Celebs Who Made Surprising Revelations About Their S#x Life

Alia Bhatt


If you’re within the view that Alia remains a touch cute innocent grown-up kid, then you’re getting to be surprised by her confession. During an interview with a well-liked magazine, when asked about her favorite s#x position, Alia revealed that she likes “classic m!ss!onary” because she’s a “simple person”. the foremost but she is prepared to experiment with new ones.

Arjun Kapoor


Another big s#x revelation made on Koffee With Karan was by Arjun Kapoor. He confessed on the show that he wouldn’t hand over anything for s#x! Including food! He even said that “s#x is more important than love”. It seems, Arjun certainly has his appetite for other things.

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