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12 Reasons Why Everyone Just Loves Mia Khalifa!

Mia Khalifa, “Naam toh suna hi hoga”. Well, she’s an online sensation and enjoys an enormous fan following. There would hardly any guy who doesn’t know her. Mia Khalifa may be a “Good girl” who has many loyal fans, expecting her posts everyday. Basically, she has taken the planet Wide Web by storm together with her pics and videos and in fact her “Simplicity”, no, don’t smile on hearing this word. Ever since Mia Khalifa started working within the @d-=ult entertainment world in late 2014, she’s only been growing in popularity. Her significant talents and energy have made her a beloved icon loved within the industry. Maybe the most important star since Belle Knox and Sasha Grey, she has had unprecedented success within the mainstream which makes us believe she is going to eventually diversify into other areas of business and entertainment.

But why can we really love Mia Khalifa so much? I mean she’s ridiculously $e-=xy and painfully adorable, but she also brings such a lot more to the table. Since we’re living within the social media golden age, our ability to access and connect with our favourite celebrities has reached heights that seemed unimaginable just a decade ago and that they can help build or break someone’s professional career. Lucky for us, Mia’s online presence has only made us love her more. She is as fun and charming as her videos suggest, with tons of hidden talents and passions. While tons of girls in her field seem to fade quickly into obscurity, we’ve high hopes that Mia goes to stay around permanently . Who knows, maybe she’ll get an interview show or a status movie role sometime within the future? Until that happens, though, here are 12 reasons we fell crazy with Mia Khalifa.

#1 She Is pleased with Her Lebanese Heritage

Mia Khalifa moved to the us when she was ten, before that she lived in Lebanon. Her heritage isn’t only an outsized a part of her success, but also subject to contr-=oversy.Mia Khalifa is confident in spite of being surrounded by contr-=0versies. She’s a Lebanese actress and has 2 tattoos associated with Lebanon printed on her body, one is said to anthem while the opposite is said to Forces Cross. Lebanese people have always shamed her for appearing within the @d-=ult industry with these quite tattoos; they consider it as insulting.

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