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10 Movie Stars Who Are Couple In Real Life

There are tons of individuals who love watching films and while watching all of them have fantasies of the film stars. There are some people that also wonder about the lifetime of their husbands or wives.

If I say that the film duo which you see are couples in real life? i do know it sounds weird, but it’s true. Well, there are lot of movie stars who have chemistry not only on screen but off screen also . These couples are happily married. But when it involves work they do not mind being with somebody else . Their professional and private life is different, in any case its a neighborhood of their job.

Here we list down 10 such couples. Have a look-

James Deen and Stoya

American film actor and director, James Deen started his career during this field at the age of 18 in 2004, Deen did over 600 videos in only a year. His wife Stoya may be a writer and an entertainment actress.

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