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10 Most Expensive P0rn Movies Of All Time

Most of the time porn is shot on an extremely low budget since there is no guarantee of big returns. Directors and producers hardly waste any time on sets, plots, costumes, etc. But there have been some porn movies that have utilized big budgets, and delivered big stars of the adult film industry along with good sets, decent plots and an actual costume department. Here we have listed some of the porn movies that had big budgets. The INR conversion reflects the dollar to rupee rate in October 2015.

1. Conquest (1997) – $ 150,000 (Rs 97,51,492)

One of the first big budget porn movies, ‘Conquest’ utilized its capital to have scenes on actual ships and a decent soundtrack. It featured Jenna Jameson as the daughter of a pirate who was killed by a privateer; she teams up with another pirate whose wife was also killed by the same man to take their revenge. The movie was well received by audiences and opened the door for other big budget porn movies.

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