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8 Innerwear Mistakes You May Be Making

Many people don’t change their Innerwear as often as they ought to . In fact, some have admitted that they wear an equivalent pair of p@-nties for two days or longer. But besides re-wearing your skivvies before washing them, there are another mistakes most folks are unknowingly making when it …

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10 Images Shows that the World Needs Change

Art may be a reflection of society and time, and let’s accept that we don’t sleep in an ideal world. Illustrators from different countries are using their art to depict the issues that we face . While some draw our attention to environmental problems, others attempt to show the horrific …

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Funny Memes That Can Make Any Girl Laugh

If you thought “meme” was a recently coined word, allow us to enlighten you by saying that the term was coined way back in 1976 by Richard Dawkin. Memes are made on everyone, including girls, who themselves accept as true with strange things they often do. After all, as Cindy …

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Tall People Who Will Make You Feel Tiny

From being the official selfie stick of their friends’ group to trying to seek out clothes that really fit, tall people have it hard. But, albeit they find themselves regularly stuck in awkward situations, they affect them with their “heightened” sense of humor.   1. “A friend of mine at …

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