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8 Bollywood Actresses who got married Late in life

India is certain progressing then are we. But one thing which will remain a bone of contention may be a woman’s marriageable age. Because, despite inhaling the 21st century, the foremost weird thing an Indian woman in her late 20s or 30s and single can declare to her folks is …

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Pictures Of Priyanka Chopra You Must Have to Look Once

Priyanka Chopra’s evolution from a newbie with no filmy background to the reigning queen of Bollywood has been nothing short of phenomenal. However, even film stars and celebrities are a bit like us, like common people. And if there’s one thing that makes a celebrity and a common man the …

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12 Reasons Why Everyone Just Loves Mia Khalifa!

Mia Khalifa, “Naam toh suna hi hoga”. Well, she’s an online sensation and enjoys an enormous fan following. There would hardly any guy who doesn’t know her. Mia Khalifa may be a “Good girl” who has many loyal fans, expecting her posts everyday. Basically, she has taken the planet Wide …

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