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Famous Bollywood Movies Copied From South Korean Movies

Bollywood is one among the most important film industries within the world. But one thing fans won’t know is that a number of the very famous Bollywood movies are copied from Korea. So for your cross-cultural viewing, here are 7 Korean films that were remade in India.

Check Out The List Of Bollywood Movies Shamelessly Copied From South Korean Movies

1) “The Man From Nowhere” became “Rocky Handsome”

Rocky Handsome is a politician remake of the action classic “The Man From Nowhere“. It stars a person with a mysterious past who works as a pawn salesclerk and forms a relationship with a woman whose mother may be a neglectful junkie . When the mother is killed and therefore the daughter kidnapped, the person tries to save lots of her. We learn the person cares such a lot because his own wife and child were killed, which he wont to be an agent.

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