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10 Bollywood Movies With Too Many Uncensored Scenes

Indian er-0tic cinema dates back to the nineties. In the last thirty years, it has flourished through the roof with great pictures, thoughtful direction, and $e-xually spirited scripts. The audience for these types of films is huge and that’s not only for $e-xuality but also for the artistry. The great news is that today $e-xuality is openly welcomed in famous movies and web series with reputed actors playing the roles.

Now is the time to pay respect to the forefather of modern-day @d-ult films of India. er-0tic films have been made throughout the country with equal or sometimes higher quality but we have kept our list in Bollywood for the larger audience. So here comes the top 10 er-0tic Indian movies.

1. Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love 

“Kama Sutra” is by far the most popular A-rated movie to date however it’s not Bollywood. Produced by foreign production houses, ironically the movie was banned in India due to its explicit Nu-dity. The director Mira Nair has constructed the storyline based upon the ancient Indian scripture “The Kama Sutra” and used it in a historical period drama. Rekha, one of the most famous actresses to date, acted in the film along with Indira Verma, Ramon Tikaram, and Naveen Andrews.

The film had only a budget of $3 Million but grossed worldwide a spectacular amount of $8.6 Million. It was shown in the Cannes Film Festival and some other film festivals.

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