Weirdest Habits Of Your favourite Celebrities which are so grossy


No one is perfect. Everyone got the flaws. Moreover, everyone possesses the weird habits. Even the celebrities got some of the weirdest habits their habits may seem grossy to us but they were bold enough to make them public. Hence, today we have brought you 15 weirdest habits of the celebrities.

1. Aamir Khan – Spits Too Much

Mr. Perfectionist got a strange habit of spitting. Once he spat on the hand of Madhuri Dixit while he was pretending to perform chiromancy.


2. John Abraham – Shaking Legs

John Araham has a habit what we will call unmannered. He chronically shakes his legs. This habit of John causes irritation to others.


3. Brad Pitt – Using Baby Wipes

Brad Pitt uses baby wipes for his hygiene. It was revealed by Eli Roth who was his co-star in the movie Inglorious Bastards.


4. Sanjay Dutt- Eating Gutka

Sanjay Dutt cannot resist the impulse to put Gutka in his mouth. Moreover, he was spotted eating Gutka during a cancer awareness event. Perhaps, he should be the one doing the Vimal Paan Masala ad.

5. Katy Perry – Farts a lot

Katy Perry unveiled that she farts a lot. Perhaps, it is weird but it is bold to state in the public for sure.


6. Britney Spears – Biting Nails Until They Bleed

“Bite Me Baby One More Time”. While the other celebs are beautifying their nails, Britney is biting hers until they bleed.


7. Jeetendra – Eating Papaya In Toilet

Can you think about eating while taking a dump? Well Jeetendra thinks. Moreover, he does it. He enjoys fresh papaya while sitting on the commode.


8. Saif Ali Khan – Reading In Toilet

Saif Ali Khan has a weird habit of reading in the toilet. To conclude, he got a library inside his toilet.


9. SRK – Keeping His Shoes On

Shah Rukh Khan unveiled that he does not remove his shoes. Moreover, he sleeps with his shoes on sometimes.


10. Amitabh Bachchan – Wearing 2 Watches

No one’s denying that it is utterly weird. The legendary actor wears 2 watches. One of the watches is set to the Indian time while the other one is set to foreign time.

11. Jessica Simpson – Not Brushing Her Teeth Every Day

Undoubtedly, brushing twice a day is required for oral hygiene but Jessica Simpson is not into oral hygiene stuff.


12. Megan Fox – Not Flushing Toilets

This is weird as well as grossy. Although, she is the sex symbol in Hollywood but she got a repulsive trait.


13. Jennifer Lawrence – Urinating In Sinks

No doubt, this one is weird. Who likes to take the sink to urinate in? Well, Jennifer Lawrence.

14. Bradley Cooper – Not Wear Deodorant

Bradley Cooper is ultra popular among the ladies. But he is not that much obsessed about hygiene. He unveiled that he never wears Deodorant.


15. Lady Gaga – Sleeping in Her Makeup

We all know what makeup means to Lady Gaga. But we never thought that she doesn’t wipe it out while she sleeps.



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